Thursday, March 5, 2015

Everyday I'm Shovellin'

If you are looking for me I will most likely be under a blanket in my bed...

Husband calls and says, "Can you shovel a small spot at the end of the driveway for me?"  Sure, I grumbled, as I huffed and puffed to my room to change my clothes.  I literally was cursing the entire trek down to the beginning of the driveway.  I started and thought, "Hey, this isn't so bad!"  I guess I will be nice and shovel a little more than he told me to.  His back has been hurting him after all...  90 minutes later and the 13 inches of snow (three foot drifts and all) and the driveway was shovelled.  Who needs a gym today when you have a driveway like mine?!  I am already sore, can't wait for tomorrow!  Now if I can just refrain from eating all the foods today that would be great!

Moral of the story:  I am a bad ass.  I must REALLY love my Husband.  The end.
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  1. I need to get out there and shovel mine! You go, girl!